VB Engineering is dedicated to providing its clientele with superior quality solar power solutions. Our projects are completed in-house, without any subcontracting. Our engineers have worked on hundreds of designs. The engineering projects have ranged from small off-grid systems of a few kilowatts to large commercial and utility-scale projects of several megawatts in power.

The installation team, led by Michael Vergona, has installed numerous residential, commercial, and off-grid systems. We have experience installing grid-connected battery backup and non-battery backup systems that meet the high wind load requirements for south Florida.

VB Engineering also provides several educational resources for builders, design professionals, and the general public about the design, installation, and inspection processes.

Management Team

Michael Vergona Sr

Michael Vergona, President of VBE, started as an electrician’s apprentice in 1975 in New Jersey. He received his Journeyman’s certificate in Delray Beach, FL, in 1985, and since then has supervised new work, retrofit work and troubleshooting/repair work in residential, commercial and industrial settings. He is experienced in all phases, DC and AC, electrical and structural, of the installation and operation of code-compliant PV systems.


Kimandy Lawrence
Director of Engineering

As a member of the electrical engineering staff, Kimandy has designed over 75 on and off-grid PV systems, including several at the 50 kW level. He has also supervised many of our installations and now serves as our Director of Engineering. He is responsible for coordinating the efforts of all the engineers while maintaining an open line of communication between clients and engineers. This ensures projects are completed in a timely manner and with minimal revisions. Kimandy also coordinates the procurement of materials and their delivery so they arrive at the job sites on time; guaranteeing that our projects run on schedule and on budget. He has extensive knowledge and understanding of the National Electrical Code and UL 1741. Kimandy is also responsible for developing equipment recommendations, PV system modeling, performing cost analysis and specifying the data acquisition systems.