Site Layouts

Very often, the first stage in a project is to determine the size of the system that is able to fit on a roof or property. Challenges can arise when various objects must remain on a roof or when ground sites are not exactly rectangular or square. When laying out an array, we consider these factors and produce a system that is easy to maintain and covers the maximum available area. Layouts are available in various formats including DWG and PDF.

Energy Estimates

After a layout has been completed, we always perform an energy estimate to determine how the system will perform under real world conditions using the exact equipment that will be installed. To do this we use PVsyst, a sophisticated component-based software package for modeling PV. We can also determine the effects of shading from nearby objects in order to deliver an accurate representation of system performance.

3D Visualizations

Many owners and developers want to see what their system will look like once it is installed. We can provide very detailed renderings for carports, roof mounts, and other systems, with realistic surroundings.

PV Electrical Design

We frequently design systems in accordance with the 2008, 2011, and 2014 National Electrical code and understand the nuances from one version to another. We frequently provide single line drawings that make it easy to see how an entire system is connected as well as detailed diagrams which provide:

  • String Sizing Calculations – VOC (MAX) ,VMPP (NOMINAL) , ISC (MAX) ,IMPP (NOMINAL)
  • Wire Sizing and Insulation Type
  • DC & AC Arc Flash Calculations
  • Combiner Box Wiring
  • Inverter Wiring
  • Interconnection Panel & Disconnect Wiring
  • Transformer Selection & Wiring
  • Conduit Securing and Burial
  • Custom Racks for Equipment
  • Trenching Specifications

Each set of plans is drawn with the goal of making an installer’s job as easy as possible so the installation is completed safely and on time.

Medium Voltage Design

  • Analysis of Existing Feeders
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Selection of Circuit Protection Components – Reclosers, Relays, TVSS, Circuit Breakers, Fuses
  • MV Switchgear Selection
  • Arc Flash Calculations
  • Trenching and Directional Boring Plans
  • Filing of Utility Interconnection Agreements

PV Structural Design

We specialize in designs for high wind velocity regions and are capable of the following:

  • Wind Load Analysis
  • Dead Load Analysis for Existing Buildings and Structures
  • Foundation Design
  • Ballast Block Specification
  • Inverter Pad Design
  • Transformer Pad Design
  • Geotechnical Report Analysis
  • FEMA Flood Zone Analysis

PV Monitoring

  • Solar monitoring equipment selection
  • Revenue grade metering selection
  • Communication System Design
  • Visualization System Selection & Design


logoOur installation partner is Urban Solar. Urban Solar began in 2001 as Key Power Services in Naples, FL. KPS specialized in off-grid solar power systems for Keewaydin Island while providing installation and service to the local Naples area. In 2013 the company changed its name to Urban Solar Group and established its main headquarters in Boca Raton, FL. Urban Solar has the right formula to survive major solar industry changes, and even US economic downturn without sacrificing customer trust.

Over its rich history, Urban Solar has grown from a one-man operation to a multi-million dollar company with 6 full time employees.

They handle all of the paperwork and process from start to finish. This means you don’t have to spend time putting the construction “puzzle” pieces together (permitting, engineering, purchasing, scheduling, etc.).

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